Be Careful When Buying Matcha Tea Powder

matcha tea powder

Matcha green tea is a type of tea that has been used for its therapeutic properties for hundreds of years. Today, people from all over the world are buying matcha green tea powder to improve their health, fight illnesses and enhance their wellbeing.

If you take a closer look at the market, you will notice that there are different types of green tea available on the market. There are many sellers offering matcha green tea with different qualities. Whenever you are making an order, It's good to know that the matcha powder your getting originates from Japan, in particular Kyoto a place in Japan. Japanese people have a long history of using this plant and they are conducting everything involved in the process from cultivation and growing to processing and packing.

The quality of this special type of green tea powder can be affected by a wide range of things including the quality of cultivation, growing and processing and the location where this tea bush grows. Keep in mind that quality depends on the harvest too which means that even if the factors listed above are the same, the weather and some other seemingly unimportant factors can contribute too. According to some sources, matcha that comes from the hills of Kyoto is of best quality.

Truth be told, there are many brands focused on Matcha green tea all over the world. In case you have never used a tea like this before, you should focus on well-established companies that sell organic ceremonial grade matcha green tea like Mematcha for example. Don’t forget that in the beginning, you probably won’t be able to enjoy the specific taste and smell of this tea to the maximum, but once you get used to it you will incorporate this activity into your routine.

If you are interested in buying matcha, you should take a few things into consideration.

  1. First of all, don’t buy matcha packed in tea bags. The specific way in which matcha is processed is not suitable for packing the content into tea bags. In case you have found matcha in tea bags, you should stay away from it because it is very likely that they are selling a mixture of matcha and another kind of green tea.
  2. When you are buying matcha, try to find out whether the seller is offering matcha from an early harvest. The ones that come from later harvests are low-quality options.
  3. In case the seller provides images of the actual product try to analyse the appearance of the matcha green tea. The best one has full, vibrant bright green colour.

In order to avoid making any mistakes, it is highly recommended to stick to popular brands. Mematcha is a leading organic matcha green tea powder UK provider. All the characteristics of high-quality matcha can be found in Mematcha products. This is an organic matcha made in a traditional way which means that you can expect all the health benefits that this product brings.

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  • William
    Quality is something that a user/buyer should not compromise. Matcha sellers have many variables so its important to source Matcha from a reliable source. I give mematcha a five star rating

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