Make the Most of Matcha: 5 Different Uses

For those who really want to enjoy the health benefits, and potential weight loss advantages of drinking matcha tea, but don’t enjoy hot tea, there are options.  Here, we will look at some of the different uses for matcha tea, when you’d rather not drink it straight from the tea cup.

Smoothies Aside from the classic ‘cuppa tea’, this is very likely the most popular use for matcha tea.  For several years now, healthy smoothies have been a major trend.  They are easy to prepare, taste great, provide a wealth of health benefits, and provide a lasting full feeling.  If you want to step up your regular smoothie, consider adding matcha tea.  The flavour is very well matched to make of the flavoured protein smoothies.  Consider a combination of 2 tsp match with banana, and sweet almond milk.  Another option pairs match tea with blueberries, coconut water, banana and spinach.  Do a simple internet search for more great matcha smoothie recipes.

Frozen Treats Rather than having an ice cream cone or ice lolly with the kids, consider having your own frozen treats on hand.  Mix up 1-2 tsp matcha tea with one cup of Greek yoghurt.  Pour into ice lolly moulds and freeze.

Latte Substitute Love the frothy, milky beverages served at the local coffee houses? Make a healthy alternative with your matcha tea.  Mix 1 tsp of the powder with 2 ounces hot water.  Add 6 ounces frothy, steamed milk, and enjoy!

The Best Ice Cream If you haven’t had green tea ice cream before, you are in for a tasty treat.  Mix 2 tsp of the matcha powder into your favourite (softened) vanilla ice cream and enjoy!

Dressed Up Oatmeal This is a breakfast of champions, and oatmeal is made even better when dressed up with crushed pecans and 2 tsp matcha powder.

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