Matcha Tea: The Facts

Matcha tea fields

For individuals who drink tea from time to time, there are just four basic types of tea - black, green, oolong and white. However, what most people don’t know is that each of these types of tea has different varieties that have unique characteristics. In the recent period, many tea drinkers are showing interest in matcha green tea and it seems that there is more than one good reason for that.

What is matcha?

Matcha is a term that comes from the Japanese language and means powdered tea. Obviously, this green tea was first used in Japan mostly during royal ceremonies. Today, matcha tea is known as a specific kind of green tea powder which usually comes in powdered form. The list of matcha tea benefits is very long which is quite natural because this green tea powder is packed with a wide range of nutrients from fiber and vitamins to minerals and chlorophyll.

The importance of quality

According to many experts, the quality of matcha green tea powder cannot be compared to other tea powders. They claim that this is the tea with the best quality. However, if you want to enjoy the finest grade matcha green tea, then you should make sure that the powder you have comes from Japan. There are some manufacturers that grow matcha tea bushes outside Japan, but the truth is that only matcha that comes from Japan can provide all the benefits we have mentioned before. The specific conditions in which green tea bushes in Japan are grown are the reason why this tea powder is so effective. Kyoto and Aichi are the two places where, according to many people who have experience in this field, matcha with the best quality is produced.

How to buy matcha?

In case you are prepared to give this green tea a try, you must learn a few things first.  

To start with, it is obvious that you should buy matcha that comes from Japan. Look for a matcha supplier that guarantees that the product comes from Japan. Of course, their guarantee is not the only thing that you should have in mind. For instance, it’s a smart move to inspect the colour of the powder. The greener the powder is, the better.

Furthermore, you should choose matcha green tea powder that has been processed in the right way because this process affects the number of antioxidants in it. Finally, ask for a confirmation that the matcha green tea powder is pure and organic. There is no reason to drink green tea loaded with impurities when your main objective is to improve your health. Finally, look for a ceremonial grade matcha.

Once you buy the matcha green tea powder, learn how to prepare it in the most effective way. If you are looking for the best UK matcha green tea option, you must take Mematcha into account. This is an organic ceremonial grade Japanese matcha green tea powder that will let you reap all the benefits associated with matcha.

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