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Matcha Lime Cheesecakes Recipe

Even in the summer we get those dessert cravings, but it's important for me that the treat is refreshing and light in the summer heat. I don't want something that makes me feel bloated afterwards. How do you feel about making something healthy with some plantbased ingredients and an additional wide range of health benefits due to the added organic matcha powder. I got the idea of half frozen matcha lime cheesecakes, which are healthy, delicious and will satisfy all your sweet cravings. This organic matcha dessert is sugarfree, glutenfree and sutable for vegans! For a little more sweetness you can use some agave, maple surup or organic natural honey. I highly recommend you try out this recipe as it...

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Matcha Smoothie Bowl Recipe

Porridge is hands down one of my favourite healthy breakfasts of all time.  Possibly even one of my favourite healthy foods.  But as great as oats are, there are some days where there is nothing better than a refreshing smoothie bowl.  It makes for the perfect breakfast on these rare summer days in Scotland. The simple addition of organic ceremonial grade matcha by Mematcha adds a number of health benefits.  Not only is matcha rich in antioxidants it is also proven to improve concentration, awareness, focus and metabolism.  So after an early start for a six am gym session I cannot think of anything better than refuelling with an energising organic matcha smoothie bowl.  Matcha also acts as a mood...

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What Are The Health Benefits Of Matcha?

Matcha is a green tea which derives from the leaves of the camellia sinensis plant. The 'ma' means powder in Japanese and the 'cha' means tea, meaning quite literally powdered tea. It has been used for centuries in the zen temples of Kyoto, Japan. Many people ask if matcha actually has health benefits and if so what are they? In this blog post I will be going through the 5 top health benefits of matcha. 1. Focus and Concentration One of the reasons matcha tea was popular among the zen temples of Japan was due to its ability to enhance focus and concentration. The amino acid called L-Theanine found in matcha is responsible for this effect. L-Theanine actually increases the...

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