About Our Matcha Green Tea

Matcha - born by the Zen masters of the temples in Kyoto to help improve concentration and focus, it's become so much more than they might have imagined then. At Mematcha, we work to provide that same Zen experience with the best ceremonial grade matcha green tea available today.

Authentic. Organic. Healthy.

Much has been written about the benefits of matcha green tea. We created Mematcha so we could provide UK shoppers with the most amazing matcha they'll ever taste. Whether you incorporate it in a latte, a face mask, or you simply drink it as it has been consumed for centuries, matcha is the healthiest green tea option available, offering more than 137 times more antioxidants than traditional green tea. It can improve memory, focus, awareness, and prevent a number of serious ongoing health conditions.

Our matcha powder offers something a bit more, though. Certified organic by both the USDA and JONA organisations, you'll never have to worry about GMOs or the other chemicals that are so prevalent in modern day matchas found around the world. We bring you the freshest, purist matcha tea powder UK shoppers can find. We bring you matcha as the earth intended!

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