Matcha Wholesale & Matcha Dropship Service

Shopping for a UK matcha supplier? UK companies know Mematcha is the single best matcha supplier to turn for many options. If you're simply looking for a supplier to meet your needs or you want to create an entire business based on a matcha dropship model, we can help. Take a look at our choices for those shopping for the right matcha supplier now.

Matcha Wholesale

Matcha Wholesale

Whether you are a restaurant, cafe, retailer or eCommerce store, we can supply you with as much matcha as you need. More than that, though, at Mematcha, you'll always know you're choosing a distinct, premium option that your customers will absolutely love. We provide distributors with unique wholesale deals which are specific to their requirements. We can supply retailers with our 30g tins of organic ceremonial grade matcha or restaurants with kg bags of our matcha, in your desired quantity and size. So get in touch and we can talk about how you can get started.

Matcha Dropship Service

Are you looking to sell organic matcha green tea without the hassle of actually buying and shipping the product? We offer matcha dropship options designed specifically to meet your needs. This means you can sell the matcha on your platform, and send us all the orders you get so we can ship them out for you (guaranteed fast shipping). Please get in touch if this is something that you are interested in for more details.

Our focus on customer service means a long term relationship that will help your company succeed. Whether you purchase our matcha wholesale or you choose the dropship options, we have a level of flexibility few others can offer, and we'll customise your orders to suit your specific needs. With quick turnaround times, you can always expect great tasting matcha on-time.

To us, you're far more than an order. You're our customer, so we'll always be here for service questions, support, and more. Learn just how valuable this relationship can be when you contact us today.